Vegan stain remover

A natural and effective stain remover
Our natural stain remover block is a 100% vegan natural product that is both extremely effective but gentle to your clothes and to the environment. The stain remover is made from 100% natural oils and minerals. It contains saponified coconut oil, borax, canola oil, vegetable soybean oil and litsea oil. The stain remover can be used for all fabrics including wool and silk. Borax is a natural mineral found in nature that is extremely effective as a cleaning agent due to its amazing ability to remove dirt and stains. Borax is also a disinfectant and effectively removes odors in metered goods. The stain remover has a lovely fresh scent of citrus, which is due to the content of litsea oil. The oil is also a natural antiseptic and antibacterial. All ingredients are natural and environmentally friendly. The stain remover can be used for all types of fabric, including wool and silk.