Junior duvets

Has your child outgrown the baby duvet? Then the time has come to change to a junior duvet. Sleep is crucial for our children's health, development and well-being. It is at night that the day's impressions must be processed and the nervous system calms down. Children have a bigger need for sleep than adults, and should typically sleep around 11-12 hours a night. It is therefore important that you choose the best natural products for your child's sleeping environment.

At Cocoon we have junior duvets with 4 amazing filling materials. What they all have in common, is that they are made purely from natural materials. There are no harmful chemicals or dyes in our products. We make duvets in kapok, silk, merino wool and maize fibres. All materials comes from nature, without needing to cut down trees, use pesticides or kill animals to obtain the raw materials. Regardless of which filling material you choose for your child's junior duvet, the duvet is made with an outer fabric of organic GOTS certified cotton.

Our junior duvets are breathable, temperature-regulating and naturally hypoallergenic. Discover the luxurious junior duvets in natural materials from Cocoon below. You can read much more about the different filling materials further down the page, and about choosing the right junior duvet for your child.

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3 tips for choosing a junior duvet

1. Choose a duvet with the filling material that best suits your child's needs

(read more about our filling materials further down)

All filling materials have different properties and provides quite different sleeping experiences. The best choice of duvet for your child therefore very much depends on the individual child, and consideration must be given to the specific needs and preferences of that child. Consider whether your child sweats or freezes a lot during the night. Does your child have allergies that need to be taken into account? Is the family vegan? What temperature is there in the room where the child sleeps? What is the budget for a new duvet? There are a lot of individual needs that vary from family to family, and we believe we have junior duvets that match them all.

2. Choose a duvet that has high breathability and temperature-regulating abilities

Choose a junior duvet with high breathability, that means a duvet that allows perspiration, evaporated by the child's body, to escape to the outside. A duvet with high breathability will help your child regulate its body temperature throughout the night, and give the child the best conditions for a dry and uninterupted sleep. Our duvets in kapok, silk, merino wool and maize fibers have all these properties to varying degrees and in their own way. We recommend that you read about the different filling materials before choosing your child's junior duvet. Feel free to contact us for advice and guidance.

3. Choose a duvet without artificial fibers and chemicals

The sleeping environment we put our children to sleep in must of course be free of any harmful chemicals, pesticides and plastic. A healthy and natural sleeping environment where house dust mites cannot survive and which is allergy-friendly. The fact that we utilize nature's own resources and do not use oil-based plastic fibers, results in products that are gentle on both the environment and people.