Cocoon Amazing Maize is an innovative product line made by 100% sustainable materials. The corn fiber is made by 100% recyclable and naturally degradable resources. However, the product line is not only good for the nature but also for your sleep. The maize fiber is a man-made biofiber that is constructed so that the fiber has the best insulating and breathable properties that we know from wool and kapok. The product line combines the best of two worlds – the environmental benefits and the fantastic performance of the fiber.

Like the wool fiber, the corn fiber has a hollow fiber structure, which gives the corn fiber its excellent and unique temperature-regulating properties. At the same time, the corn fiber is breathable but water resistant just like the kapok fiber. This means that the corn fiber passes the moisture through the product rather than absorbs it. This will keep your corn product dry and soft throughout the night.

Amazing Maize products have almost the same airy and light feeling as traditional feather and down comforters. The soft cover is made by 100% organic certified cotton and has not been treated with any kind of chemicals – both for your sake and for the nature’s sake.

The maize fiber is the first fiber made from 100% recyclable resources. The unique biofiber is our green counterpart to today’s synthetic and oil-based plastic fibers. Synthetic and plastic fibers cannot be degraded naturally or recycled optimally and is a burden to the globe and us as residents of it. The natural maize fiber contributes to a simple and environmentally friendly production. It protects the same nature from which our raw materials originate and which we all share.