For a chemical-free
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The dream of a greener world and a better sleeping environment

The dream of a greener world
and a better sleeping environment

The idea behind the family business Cocoon Company started with a desire to create a greener world by developing natural and allergy-friendly duvets and pillows with a focus on organic, allergy-friendly and chemical-free materials. Today, all our products are filled with natural fibres, which are made without the use of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fibres. We want to process the fibers as little as possible in order to preserve their natural properties as best as possible, so you are guaranteed natural and hypoallergenic quality products.

Our commitment

Our customers' opinion means everything

Quality for the money!

"I have several sets of bedding for adult duvets and pillows. The bedding is incredibly soft and comfortable, and even after a year of frequent use and washing, the bedding retains its color and pleasant surface. For me, it definitely beats comparable products with the same sustainable profile, but Cocoon is just half the price! A very happy and satisfied customer."


Excellent Products

"Top quality, good customer service and products that meet expectations. Our boy's first duvet was bought at Cocoon and we have been very happy with the product. There is no doubt that Cocoon delivers high-quality products, which can both be seen and felt, and therefore there was no doubt where we should buy the junior duvet that has just arrived - the duvet is as expected and of the best quality. We would love to do business again!"


Organic and durable products

"I have bought several duvets, pillows and baby equipment from Cocoon, and I have always been very satisfied with the quality and the aesthetics of the products. Cocoon is very keen that their products are sustainable and organic, which I value very highly. I can also recommend visiting their physical store in Nørrebro, where they have great insight into the products and are really helpful."


Our values

Organic materials

Organic materials

When we started Cocoon, we dreamt of a world where the sleeping environment would be clean, simple and safe. For us, it's not about labels; for us it's about love for good raw materials. Every product is a promise, to ourselves and to you – organically produced, meticulously crafted, and free from chemicals. Because for us, it's not just business, it's personal.



At Cocoon, all products are tied to nature's magnificent properties. Many natural materials offer properties that simply cannot be replicated with modern production methods and artificial materials. Yet we often choose to overlook these characteristics. By utilizing the innate properties of natural materials, we can create the natural comfort that our bodies and our sleep deserve.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare

At Cocoon, every product tells a story of compassion. We cherish every creature, every corner of our planet. Our commitment isn't just about materials; it's about the heartbeats behind them. We sleep peacefully knowing our choices reflect a world where kindness reigns. We invite you to be part of that dream with us.

Create a safe and natural sleeping environment for your baby

Create a safe and natural sleeping environment for your baby

Newborn babies sleep an average of 16-14 hours a day, and good sleep is important for their development and health. That's why we do our best to offer your baby the best sleep products free of harmful chemicals, so that you can safely put your nugget in a healthy and safe sleeping environment.

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Build your sleep with Cocoon

Build your sleep with Cocoon

Every moment of rest is a step towards rejuvenation. At Cocoon, we're not just crafting bedding – we're helping you curate an oasis of calm. Dive into our collections and let us guide you to natural, breathable comfort that goes beyond the ordinary. Your dream sanctuary awaits, and with Cocoon, it's only a heartbeat away.

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