Cocoon Merino Wool is an exclusive product line that is made by 100% natural merino wool and 100% organic certified cotton. The products are developed and designed in Denmark and sewn by hand in Europe. Available in three different thicknesses: light, medium and heavy.

Merino wool is suitable for both cold and warm weather, as the wool uses your body temperature to generate heat and when it gets too hot, it absorbs the moisture around the body and thereby cools the body down. It is the wools lanolin-containing surface which allows the wool to absorb large amounts of moisture. Actually, merino wool can absorb 35% of its own weight in water and moisture without feeling wet and continue to keep your body dry and warm. It is also the content of lanolin that ensures that your quilt will not smell of sweat, and creates an antibacterial environment that house dust mites cannot live in.

Our merino wool products have a cover that is made by very soft 100% certified organic cotton. We only choose the best natural materials, which also applies for our wool that is 100% natural. Our products have neither been mixed with synthetic fibers or treated with any kind of chemicals.

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Get an enchanting night’s sleep with merino wool

Merino wool has slightly twisted fibers which make the wool perfect for carding into a rich soft ‘cloud’ of wool fibers. It makes the sleeping products wonderfully soft and will undoubtedly benefit any sleep. To ensure as breathable and temperature regulating sleeping product as possible, we only use merino wool fibers that are over 8 cm long. The longer fibers will create a lighter filling, that makes the duvet feel light, breathable, and incredibly body neutral in its temperature.

When choosing a wool supplier, it is very important to us that the sheep is treated well and has good living conditions. Therefore, we only use wool from sheep that are living freely, are cut carefully and that are not subject to mulesing. Our wool come from sheep living freely in the Spanish mountains.