Amazing Maize pillows

Here you will find our Amazing Maize pillows, from our revolutionary series of sleeping products with our innovative maize fiber. The fiber is a new 100% natural degradable and recyclable fiber. The fiber is the first man-made fiber made from a 100% renewable resource. The corn fiber enters a natural cycle, either by being recycled, or by being broken down into organic material through composting, thereby becoming a resource for something else. The renewable cycle reflects our vision to reduce waste of resources to minimize our footprint on our environment.

The Amazing Maize range combines the best of both worlds, the amazing feel and durability of a polymer fiber, and the health benefits of natural materials and its renewable cycle. Like wool fibers, corn fiber's hollow fiber structure provides excellent insulation and unique temperature-regulating properties. At the same time, the water-repellent property of the fiber means that the moisture from the body is led through the pillow, so that the pillow will not feel damp.