Kapok mattress pads

Find a kapok mattress pad here, we have Europe's largest selection of kapok mattress pads! A kapok mattress pad is a fantastic supplement to any mattress, as the kapok fiber's heat-regulating and moisture-transporting properties ensure that the excess heat and moisture are led away from the body during sleep, so you can sleep comfortably without hot and sweaty nights. The materials in the mattress pad are 100% organic and hypoallergenic and ensure the best framework for a natural and chemical-free sleeping environment.

What makes kapok so special?
The Cocoon kapok series was developed because our youngest son, Phillip, was too warm when using traditional sleeping products, such as down, feather and foam products. In our search for alternative materials, we came across the natural fiber kapok, which is fantastic for regulating heat and moisture. It is through the development of these kapok products that we found the solution for our son. But also the desire to create the best and most natural sleep products for others, so they too could achieve a perfect night's sleep. 

A good night's sleep is essential for our health, and therefore we think it is important to find the sleeping products that suit one's sleeping environment and preferences. Kapok is fantastic for everyone, but especially for you, who tend to get too hot at night, or for you, who suffer from allergies. Kapok is incredibly good at regulating heat around the body, and hypoallergenic because kapok contains a bitter substance that bacteria and house dust mites cannot live in.