Washing instructions

It is important that you are aware of how to wash and take care of your Cocoon duvet and pillow to maintain its properties as best as possible and as long as possible. They will last for a long time if you take good care of them. 

It is often recommended that you wash your duvet and pillow 1-2 times a year to avoid house dust mites and other bacteria in your duvet and pillow. However, we recommend that you only wash your Cocoon products if it is absolutely necessary to preserve the fibers properties as good as possible. Our products don’t need washing to kill house dust mites, because our products have a cotton cover that is woven so tightly that dust mites cannot penetrate the cover. The products are therefore a good choice for people with house dust mite allergy.

Our products have not been treated with any kind of pesticides or chemicals – neither our filling nor our cover. Thus, you do not need to wash your duvet of pillow before use. Below you will find further details about how to take good care of your Cocoon product.


Kapok is a natural fiber with unique properties that is well worth taking care off. Read our guide – and extend the life of your kapok product!

To preserve the fiber structure and properties in the best possible way, we recommend that you only wash your kapok product if strictly necessary. Your Cocoon kapok products are made of 100% organic materials, and have not been treated with any chemicals. Therefore, you do not need to wash your new kapok product before use.

Kapok contains a natural bitter substance which makes the fiber and the kapok products naturally antibacterial and resistant to dust mites. Therefore, it is not necessary to wash your kapok product unless an accident have occurred in the bed. For smaller stains, we recommend that you stain wash your product.

We recommend that you air your kapok duvet once a month to maintain the structure of your duvet, and ensure a healthy sleeping environment.

If you have to wash your Cocoon kapok product, please carefully follow the guide below:

  • We recommend that you wash your kapok product alone at 40 degrees to protect the kapok fiber. It is possible to wash the products at 60 degrees, if deemed necessary. Choose a short washing program, as it is may be damaging for the kapok fiber to be wet for too long. Your kapok product must therefore not be soaked. Choose a washing program with a high spin at the end of the program. 
  • Use a gentle detergent without enzymes or bleaching agents, such as Cocoon’s soapberries.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • For a quicker and better drying, give the product an extra spin at e.g. 1200 rpm to get the most water out of the product.
  • After washing, dry the product immediately.
  • Be extra careful if you have a combo washing machine, as these have proven more difficult to wash/dry kapok products with. 

How to dry your Cocoon kapok product:

  • Dry your kapok product alone in the dryer.
  • Note that kapok takes time to dry. We recommend, that you use wool drying balls as they help reduce the drying time significantly. They also ensure that the fibers are separated in a gentle manner so that the fibers do not clump together.
  • We recommend that you do not use tennis balls as they may harm the fibers.
  • Select a 30-40 min. program with medium heat. Every 30 min., take out the product and let it cool of for a few minutes, or until it is room temperature. When the product is room temperature, it is easier to determine how much moisture is left in the product. If the product is still wet, repeat the this process until the product is only slightly moist. 
  • Then, let your kapok product dry in a warm place until the rest of the moisture is gone. Be careful not to dry your kapok product for too long in the dryer, as this will reduce the life of your kapok product.

If you are unsure on how to wash or dry kapok, do not hesitate to contact your local retailer or Cocoon Company’s customer service.


Be aware that it is not necessary to wash your Amazing Maize product before use since no chemicals or pesticides have been used under the cultivation and production. To take good care of your Amazing Maize product we recommend:

  • That you air your product regularly to maintain the fiber structure and to ensure a healthy sleeping environment.
  • That you only wash your product if needed and at 40 degrees and maximum at 60 degrees. Also, at a low spinning to prevent fiber entanglement, but if the problem occurs, they are easy to pull apart.
  • That you dry your product in the dryer with middle heath and wool dryer balls to reduce drying time and to make sure that the fibers are gently moved around. Do not use tennis balls since they will damage the fiber.
  • That you wash your Amazing Maize product with a chemical free and gentle detergent, to be gentle to both your product and to the environment. Such a detergent could be our soapberries.


Merino wool is a fantastic fiber that contains unique properties that is worth taking care of. Merino wool has a natural substance of lanolin which makes wool self-cleaning and antibacterial. That is also why wool never smells and therefor it very rarely that you need to clean your merino wool product – if at all! We recommend:

  • That you air your wool product regularly in fresh air to keep its structure and volume.
  • That you only stain wash if possible.
  • That you only dry clean if you wish a more thorough cleaning of your product