Wool Dryer Balls

When you use wool drying balls for the dryer, you get several benefits, such as softer clothes and up to a 25% reduction in drying time. Wool dryer balls also reduce the accumulation of static electricity, so you can completely avoid using environmentally harmful fabric softener for your laundry. Replace your unnecessary and modern chemical-filled detergent with Cocoon's natural and sustainable laundry series and do something good for you, your clothes and the environment. Combine soapberries, wool dryer balls, stain remover and essential oils for a sublime result.

Mette from Testfamilien has tested our wool dryer balls and writes:

“I was a bit skeptical about the effect on the reduction in drying time. But I have to admit that they actually keep what they promise and cut 10-25 minutes off the drying time, depending on how much laundry you have in the machine"

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Replace your traditional detergent

Our natural laundry products, from the product series Organic Laundry, was created with the desire to produce laundry products that were as natural and environmentally friendly as possible. Modern detergents and fabric softeners are full of harmful chemicals for both you and nature. For example, the chemical surfactant has a great impact on the environment because the chemical cannot be excreted from the washing machine's rinse water. When you buy natural washing products, you therefore not only avoid getting chemicals into your clothes and thus on your skin, but also avoid releasing them into nature. Our laundry products are made exclusively from nature's best raw materials and are 100% natural. You can combine soap berries, wool balls and essential oils for a sublime washing result.