Adult pillows

If you feel hot throughout the night and suffer from sweats, a Kapok pillow can be the pillow you've been waiting for. Kapok fiber is the lightest fiber in the world, as it contains an incredible amount of air. The high air content and the fiber's water-repellent properties make the fiber incredibly good at regulating heat and moisture away from the body. A Kapok pillow will therefore help transport the heat and moisture away around the head, and ensure that the pillow remains dry and comfortable. Kapok is also a 100% organic and natural hypoallergenic fiber that grows freely in rainforests around the equator. Therefore, you can be sure that your pillow is 100% free of chemicals, naturally sustainable and allergy-friendly. 

Our merino wool pillows are a series of luxurious organic pillows with 100% European untreated merino wool. The pillows have an incredible softness and are not so heavy and cumbersome, as only the longest merino wool hairs are used for the pillows. This makes the pillows lighter, airier and feels like a cloud. The wool cushions are available in different thicknesses for different needs. The thinnest pillow is perfect for those who would like to be able to fold their pillow or who sleep on their stomachs. The medium thickness is the standard thickness and fits most people perfectly. The thickest of the pillows is for those who want a really full pillow. 

In our Amazing Maize series, you will find our luxurious and allergy-friendly pillows with a natural degradable and compostable fiber made exclusively from corn starch. The corn pillows give a deliciously soft feeling like feathers, and are the favorite pillow of those who love their feather pillows. The maize pillow is also a great alternative if you are looking for a delicious allergy-friendly and 100% vegan pillow.