Kapok mattress toppers

Find your kapok mattress topper here, we have Europe's largest selection. All materials in the mattress are 100% organic and untreated, and ensure the best framework for a natural and chemical-free sleeping environment. The heat-regulating and moisture-transporting properties of the kapok fiber ensure that excess heat and moisture are directed away from the body during sleep, so that you can sleep soundly without hot and sweaty nights.

Why kapok?

We spend many hours in bed every day, and a good night's sleep is essential for good health. That's why we think it's important that you find just the right sleeping products that suit exactly your needs and preferences! If you want to sleep nice and soft, you can maximize your comfort by supplementing your kapok mattress or foam mattress with a mattress topper. A foam mattress is not allergy-friendly, breathable or heat-regulating, and therefore it can be a really good idea to use a top mattress with kapok. Kapok gives you a breathable underlay to sleep on, which ensures that the excess heat can get away from the body. So if you tend to get too hot at night, a kapok top mattress is just what you need! Another advantage is that kapok is hypoallergenic! Kapok contains a bitter substance which means that bacteria and house dust mites cannot live in the kapok fibre. With kapok, you are therefore guaranteed an allergy-friendly and pleasantly temperate night's sleep - completely without house dust mites, bacteria or chemicals! You can also use a kapok roller mattress for maximum comfort.