Double duvets

It is so wonderful to snuggle under a big and lovely double duvet! But do you know the feeling when it gets WAY too hot for two prople to sleep under one duvet? If so, then a double duvet with natural filling is the right choice for you. These are particularly distinguished by being breathable, temperature-regulating and moisture-transporting. With one of our double duvets, you will experience a nice night's sleep that is neither too cold nor too hot.

Which size should I choose?

Double duvets measure 200x200 cm, 200x220 cm or 240x220 cm. Your duvet size depends to a large extent on the size of your bed and whether it is just for yourself or if it is a double duvet to share. If you have a bed measuring 140x200 or 160x200, we recommend that you choose a double duvet measuring 200x200 cm or 200x220 cm, depending on how tall you are. If you are tall, a double duvet with extra length will be a good choice for you. If, on the other hand, you have a double bed in the dimensions 180x200 or 200x200 cm, we recommend that you choose our king size double duvet in the dimensions 240x220 cm. Beneath it, there is plenty of room for you and your partner, as well as a couple of early-morning children. If you are single and want a large duvet to tuck under, then 200x200 cm or 200x220 cm will be a good size for you.

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How to wash a double duvet?

Many double duvets are far too large to wash in a normal household washing machine. Instead, we recommend that you have your double duvet washed at a laundromat in an industrial washing machine or at a dry cleaner. Always check the washing instructions on the duvet before washing it. We recommend that you only wash your double duvet if necessary. Instead, hang the duvet out in the fresh air at regular intervals and preferably in nice cold frosty weather. In this way, you best preserve the structure of your double duvet with natural filling and ensure that your duvet will last for many years.

Cool double duvets for the hot summer nights

A double duvet can be warm to sleep with in the summer. Therefore, it is an idea to choose an extra cool double duvet for the hot summer months. We recommend our double duvets with either kapok or wool for the balmy summer nights. Our kapok double duvets are year-round duvets, but due to the fantastic breathable and temperature-regulating properties of the kapok fibre, you will easily be able to use it in the summer too. A kapok duvet is categorized as cool to warm and perfect for you who often get hot at night. Find the kapok double duvets here in 200x200cm, 200x220cm and 240x220 cm. You can also choose to sleep with a wool double duvet in the summer. But maybe you frown because wool is so warm? Or what? No, wool is actually one of the natural fibers that is the best at regulating the temperature around the body. Wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. A summer duvet with wool is therefore a very good choice. If you want an extra cool duvet, we recommend our wool summer duvet, which you can find here in 200x200cm, 200x220cm and 240x220cm.

Do you need help?

Are you not sure which double duvet is the right choice for you? Contact our customer service and we'll help you find the perfect duvet that suits your needs.