Eco Living

Cocoon EcoLiving is a series of natural washing products for your body and your home. We want to produce as natural, allergy-friendly and environmentally friendly products as possible for you who - like us - want to make a difference for the environment. That is why the EcoLiving series consists of products that are exclusively made from nature's best raw materials. With our products, you can replace the chemical-filled detergent and fabric softener with washing products created from nature's raw materials. You are welcome! Did you know that detergent and fabric softener contain chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment? Although the rinse water from the washing machine is cleaned before it is sent out into nature, there are still harmful chemicals in the water that cannot be cleaned away. This results in water with harmful chemicals being sent out into mother earth. We therefore think it is much better to use washing products without chemicals, such as our natural washing range.