At Cocoon you will find a wide selection of organic, allergy-friendly and vegan pillows for the whole family. We all have different opinions on what the best pillow feels like, which is why we have created five different series of pillows, for different needs. The five series of pillows are all produced with a focus on high breathability and temperature regulation, and creating a comfortable, chemical-free and hypoallergenic sleeping environment.

How do I choose among the pillows?

The biggest difference between our five different pillows lies in the feel of the pillow. It is most often in the choice of pillow that we see customers' subjective opinion having the greatest importance. Most people know how they like their pillow, and once you get used to a certain type of pillow, it can be difficult to switch away. Our softest pillow, and the one that best resembles a regular down pillow, is our Amazing Maize pillow. Our second softest pillow is our silk pillow, which has a fantastic softness, but also feels heavy, due to the large amount of silk used in the pillow. If you like a pillow that is not as soft as a down pillow, then the next three pillows are more for you. Both the kapok and wool pillow have softness, but also a firmness that means you don't fall deep into the pillow. The filling of the kapok pillow can be adjusted via the zipper on the side, whereas the wool pillow is available in 3 different thicknesses, depending on preference. Our latest pillow, our natural latex pillow, has the characteristic feel of a latex pillow, but has a zipper on the side so that the filling of natural latex strips and wool can be adjusted to your preferred height and feel.