Kapok baby mattress pad

A kapok baby mattress pad can be used both as a protective underlay on the mattress or as extra comfort for your child. We have a wide selection of kapok baby mattress pads that fit most baby beds. The mattress pads are filled with 100% kapok with a fabric of 100% certified organic cotton.

We often develop allergies and asthma in our early years of life, and we therefore think it is important to create the best conditions for our children so that they neither develop allergies nor asthma as babies. Therefore, a kapok baby mattress pad will be an obvious choice for creating a safe and allergy-friendly sleeping environment. Kapok contains a bitter substance which makes the fiber resistant to bacteria and house dust mites. In addition, kapok is breathable but water-repellent, which means that a kapok mattress pad will never get damp. Bacteria and house dust mites need a moist environment to thrive and therefore cannot live in kapok. 

The fact that the kapok mattress pad is breathable and therefore heat-regulating is also a really good feature for infants and babies. They sweat a lot during their sleep, as they find it difficult to regulate their own temperature. Therefore, they need a breathable surface that can conduct heat away from the body, but without the child becoming cold. Our kapok is 100% organic and untreated. This means that we have not used pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fibers during the cultivation, processing or production of our kapok baby roll mattress. A kapok baby mattress pad is therefore an obvious choice when you want to create an allergy-friendly and ecological sleeping environment for your child.