Kapok adult mattress pads

Find our range of kapok mattress pads for adults right here. A kapok mattress pad is filled with untreated kapok and has a fabric of 100% certified organic cotton. A kapok mattress pad is allergy-friendly, as the fabric is so densely woven that house dust mites cannot penetrate. The mattress pad gives extra comfort to your bed, as the kapok fiber ensures that you get a nice heat-regulated sleep.

Kapok fiber's unique abilities

If you suffer from allergies, a kapok mattress pad is the right choice for you. Kapok contains a bitter substance which makes the fiber resistant to bacteria and house dust mites. In addition, kapok is breathable but water-repellent, which means that a kapok mattress pad will never get damp. Bacteria and house dust mites need a moist environment to thrive and therefore cannot live in kapok.

The kapok fiber has a very airy structure, which makes the fiber breathable and heat-regulating. Therefore, a kapok mattress pad is a good mattress supplement for you, if you feel warm at night. The kapok fiber will ensure that you get a nice temperate sleep, where the excess heat will be directed away from the body. Our kapok 100% untreated. This means that we have not used pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fibers during either the cultivation, processing or production of our kapok mattress pads. In addition, the mattress pad is covered with 100% certified organic cotton. A kapok mattress pad is therefore an obvious choice when you want to create an allergy-friendly and ecological sleeping environment.