Our selection of adult size mattresses is filled with 100% organic and untreated kapok with a fabric of 100% certified organic cotton. A kapok mattress is the right choice for you, who want a breathable and heat-regulating mattress that is both hypoallergenic and ecological.

Why you should choose a kapok mattress

Are you allergic? Then a kapok mattress is the right choice for you. Kapok contains a bitter substance, which makes the fiber resistant to bacteria and house dust mites. Kapok is also breathable, but water-repellent, which means that a kapok mattress will never get damp. Bacteria and house dust mites need a moist environment to thrive, and they therefore cannot live in kapok. If you tend to get very hot at night, kapok is also a great choice. Compared to an ordinary foam mattress, which is not breathable, the kapok fiber is both breathable, heat-regulating and sweat-transporting. Therefore, kapok is good at transporting the excess heat away from the body. Our kapok is 100% untreated. This means that we have not used pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fibers during the cultivation, processing or production of our kapok adult mattress. The mattress is also covered with 100% organically certified cotton. You can therefore have fun laying down on a kapok mattress, knowing that you are sleeping on a chemical-free, organic and allergy-friendly surface! For maximum comfort, we recommend that you use a kapok roll mattress and/or mattress topper on top of a kapok mattress.