Nursing pillow

Natural comfort for you and your baby

In general, nursing pillows are supposed to support you when breast- or bottlefeeding your child. A lot of nursing pillows consist of small balls - like in bean bags and sack pillows - even though you risk that your baby slides off the pillow. But with Cocoon Company nursing pillows both you and your baby can relax during nursing and just enjoy each others company. Our nursing pillows are the perfect choice for you, who wants an organic and allergy-friendly nursing pillow for your child. We have two kinds of nursing pillows: One made of kapok and the other of corn fiber. Both pillows are soft and firm in their shape, which gives mom and baby the best comfort as possible. If desired, we can adjust the amount of kapok filling for your needs as the pillow has a zipper on the side. Why should you choose our nursing pillows?

  • Our kapok nursing pillow is both hypoallergenic and 100% natural
  • No chemicals in the product of our pillows
  • They are breathable and temperature regulating