Kapok Duvets

At Cocoon you will find Europe's largest selection of organic and hypoallergenic kapok duvets for the whole family. Our kapok duvets are hand-stuffed with the finest kapok fibres, harvested from wild-growing kapok trees in the forests south of the Equator. A kapok duvet from Cocoon is 100% plant-based and contains only natural materials.

With a kapok duvet, you are guaranteed an allergy-friendly night's sleep in materials that are extremely breathable. So if you suffer from being too hot at night, a kapok duvet is the perfect choice for you. The Kapok fiber's 3 most unique properties are: breathability, heat-regulation and being natural hypoallergenic.

The kapok fiber contains a lot of air, which makes it the lightest fiber in the world. The high air content and the fiber's water repellent properties mean that the fiber is particularly good at regulating heat and transporting moisture away from the body. The Kapok duvet is therefore a fantastic choice for both babies, children and adults who tend to get too warm and sweat a lot during the night.

You can read more about Kapok duvets further down this page, and if you wish, you can read more about what kapok is right here.

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What is a kapok duvet?

A kapok duvet is a duvet made from pure natural materials. The fiber filling material inside the duvet is called kapok. The duvets are covered with a certified organic cotton fabric of the highest quality. We harvest our kapok from kapok trees in the wild, free nature. Therefore, no pesticides or other harmful sprays are used for the production of the kapok we use at Cocoon. We think that makes sense for both people and the environment.

When you buy a Cocoon kapok duvet, you get a duvet that is both allergy-friendly, breathable and temperature-regulating. Read more about this further down.