Natural latex mattress topper

Here you will find our collection of mattress toppers made of 100% natural latex. The mattress toppers in natural latex have become extremely popular, due to their naturalness, and the fantastic elasticity of the material that adapts to your body when you sleep.

Our mattress toppers in natural latex contain no plastics, synthetic latex or harmful gases that are released when you sleep. The mattress toppers are 100% natural throughout. You can choose the natural latex mattress toppers with or without wool around the latex core. The wool makes the mattress topper extra breathable, and also adds a bit more firmness to the mattress topper.

The fact that our natural latex toppers are GOLS certified is what separates our mattresses toppers from those of other manufacturers. This means that the mattress topper is made only with organic natural latex, and is not mixed with fillers or synthetic latex. The mattress toppers are wrapped in a cover made from pure, organic materials, including certified wool and organic cotton.

In our world, the only right thing is to wrap the fine core of natural latex in even more nature. We do not want to suppress the good properties of the latex in synthetic materials, so the body cannot breathe. With a mattress topper in natural latex from Cocoon, you get a handmade mattress topper of a quality and purity like no other. Read more about our natural latex toppers further down the page.

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What is Natural Latex?

Our natural latex is extracted from organic rubber trees in India. Via a tap in the wood, the natural rubber milk flows out and later becomes the latex sheets that form the core of our mattresses and mattress toppers.

The tree is not harmed by the procedure and continues to grow after we drain the milk.

Our natural latex is processed according to the so-called Dunlop method, which gives a very resilient latex. During the Dunlop process, the juice is whipped from the rubber tree, after which we pour it into large molds that are covered and baked at a high temperature. Nothing is added to the raw material and we do not process the material in any other way than described above. It is 100% pure nature that is baked.

Natural latex is resistant to house dust mites, mold and bacteria and is therefore naturally hypoallergenic.

But the most remarkable quality and what makes Cocoon's natural latex different from most other producers of natural latex is that our raw materials are so pure and natural. We handpick the best of the best to give you as high an organic quality as possible and still at reasonable prices.


What is the difference between synthetic and natural latex?

Not all types of latex foam is made of natural materials. Latex can also be produced synthetically, where the raw material is petroleum, i.e. oil. The production of crude oil costs the environment dearly, while the finished product that you end up sleeping on contains a wide range of harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and phthalates.

When heated from your body heat and when you move in bed, the mattress topper emits volatile gases that can be harmful for you to inhale. The gases hide in small cavities inside the synthetic latex and are squeezed out when you lie on the mattress. Therefore, it is recommended that synthetic latex lies in min. 72 hours before use, to evaporate some of the toxic gases.

The primary reason for producing a mattress topper in synthetic latex is that it can be done cheaper than by extracting nature's own latex from the rubber trees. This process is both costly and long-lasting.

However, we believe that it is worth all the money and the wait to choose a mattress topper in organic natural latex rather than the chemical-filled mattresses topper in synthetic latex.

One of the most important reasons for prioritizing natural latex for your sleeping environment is to minimize the exposure to harmful chemicals and gases you expose your body to.

In addition to the risk of developing harmful side effects on you and your body, the production of the synthetic substances also entails a significant environmental impact.

The simple solution is that more and more of us prioritize greener consumption. Only in this way do we avoid the harmful substances having to be produced at all. We have an excellent alternative that is made 100% from nature without leaving any negative footprints by producing it. Namely natural latex.


GOLS Certified latex

The latex we use in our natural latex mattress toppers is GOLS certified (Global Organic Latex Standard). In order to obtain the GOLS certification, it is required that a minimum of 95% of the latex is organic and this therefore limits the use of polymer (plastic). Our mattress toppers are made from 100% organic natural latex, without any harmful fillers. At the same time, GOLS ensures that the latex is extracted without the use of chemicals, pesticides or pesticides. And that there are proper and fair working conditions for the people who work to harvest and manufacture the latex.

The guidelines for becoming GOLS certified cover the product's entire supply chain, from harvesting the raw material to responsible manufacturing, packaging and distribution of the finished product.

If there are other materials in or around the latex product, such as cotton or wool, they must be GOTS or Eco-Institut certified. The certifications ensure that even the materials surrounding the natural latex core are responsibly produced without the use of chemical additives.

Unfortunately, there is no legislation in this area yet and we therefore often see manufacturers name their products as natural latex mattresses, even though they may only consist of 20% natural latex. The rest of the mattress consists of synthetic latex and other boring fillers, to make the mattress as cheap to produce as possible.

It is therefore important that you are aware of the GOLS certification when buying latex products. It is your guarantee for quality, authenticity and naturalness. In our store in Copenhagen, we experience, to our great delight, that more and more environmentally conscious customers come in and specifically ask for the certification, as they want a responsible product without harmful chemicals, gases and synthetic latex.

At the same time, we would also encourage you to look at the thickness and density of the mattress topper you invest in. Here, too, there is a significant difference in how much you get for your money. And the higher the density of the mattress, the longer it lasts. We have not yet found others on the market with the same high density as Cocoon. In our products, we utilize the full potential of the materials so that they last for many years. We think this is the only right way away from the rapid consumption trends that have unfortunately exerted too much power.


Pressure relieving mattress topper

If you are looking for an ergonomic mattress topper against bad back or chronic pain, our natural latex mattress toppers are really good for you. The latex core has a pressure-relieving effect that reduces the discomfort and strain on your shoulders, hips, back and knees when you sleep. Unlike memory foam mattress toppers, which can feel very yielding and warm, our natural latex mattress toppers provide pressure relief while remaining breathable.

Studies have shown that poor and interrupted sleep increases pain sensitivity in people with chronic bone and joint pain. A vicious circle is created where the pain disturbs sleep and the lack of sleep intensifies the pain. That is why it is really important that you invest in a good night's sleep. With our natural latex mattress toppers, you take care of your body and your sleep in the best possible way.

The material adapts to the contours of your body and provides tailored support and relief where it is needed.


Hygienic mattress topper

A clean and fresh bed is of great importance for your sleep quality and for the indoor climate around your bed and bedroom. A natural latex mattress topper is a clean and hygienic alternative, because house dust mites, mold and bacteria do not thrive in the mattress.

To ensure a clean sleeping environment, we recommend that you take your mattress topper outside 1-2 times a year and give it a good beating. This will loosen dust from the surface and air the cover at the same time.

When we sleep, we release up to 500ml of sweat and moisture every night. It is therefore important that your bed gets air when you get up in the morning. Therefore, feel free to pull the duvets aside so that the underlay gets some air before you save the bed.

If the mattress topper gets a stain, we recommend spot washing with a damp cloth. Do not let the filling material in the mattress get wet. It can take damage and have difficulty drying.

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Need help?

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