Wool Duvets

Here you will find our unique merino wool duvet made with the finest untreated merino wool of the highest quality. Our merino wool duvets are unique because we only use the very longest wool fibers from the sheep. This means that we achieve a much softer, much lighter and more heat-regulating wool for our quilts. You will therefore find that a Cocoon Merino Wool duvet will feel incredibly comfortable to sleep with. Complete your hypoallergenic and organic sleeping environment with a fiber pillow.

Because we, as consumers, often have our individual preferences for comfort, habit and how warm we feel during the night, our wool duvets are produced in three different thicknesses: light, medium and heavy. All the duvets are year-round duvets, due to the wool's fabulous temperature-regulating properties and the duvet's airy patterning.


The wool fiber is known for its fantastic properties, which make it particularly suitable under constantly changing weather conditions and the changing body temperature. Therefore, it is also one of the most used materials in clothing, where the body must be able to get rid of a lot of heat and sweat without letting the body freeze. Wool has a fantastic ability to help the body regulate the temperature, as the wool's insulating hollow fibers create a thermoregulatory effect, ensuring that moisture can constantly pass through. The wool's good thermoregulating effect is further enhanced by its incredible breathability and ability to transport moisture away from the body, which keeps the body and the wool fiber dry through use.