Wool Pillows

Here you will find our unique wool pillows, produced with the finest untreated merino wool of the highest quality. Our wool pillow is unique in that we only use the very longest wool fibers from the sheep. This means that in our mapping we achieve a much softer, much lighter and more heat-regulating wool for our wool pillow. You will therefore experience that a Cocoon wool pillow will feel incredibly temperature neutral throughout the night. Since we as consumers often have our individual preferences for the thickness of our pillow, our Cocoon merino wool pillow for adults is produced in three different thicknesses. The medium size wool pillow is our standard thickness, and will fit most people well. The thinnest wool pillow is made for those who primarily sleep on their stomachs, or who would like to have a thin wool pillow that can be folded. The wool pillow with the most filling is made for those who like a high pillow with good extra filling.

Wool is not just a winter accessory

The wool fiber is known for its fantastic properties, which make it particularly suitable for constantly changing weather conditions and the body's changing temperature. Therefore, it is also one of the most used materials in clothing, where the body should be able to get rid of a lot of heat and sweat without letting the body freeze. Wool has a fantastic ability to help the body regulate temperature, as the wool's insulating hollow fiber creates a thermoregulatory effect, ensuring that moisture can constantly pass through. The good thermoregulatory effect of the wool is further enhanced by its incredible breathability and ability to transport moisture away from the body, which ensures that the body and the wool fiber stay dry through use.