Cocoon Peaceful Silk is the first humane series of silk duvets in the world, and the only one of its kind. The silk duvets are unique, as the duvets are produced with 100% organic Mulberry Peace Silk, a silk that is not produced using the traditional method, where the silkworms are killed to extract the silk. A Cocoon silk duvet is suitable for those who want a temperature-regulating all-year-round duvet, and a special duvet made from pure organic Mulberry Peace Silk.

Why choose a silk duvet?

A silk duvet is suitable for those who want an allergy-friendly duvet with fantastic breathability and good temperature-regulating properties. The hollow structure of the silk fiber is what gives the silk its unique absorbency, and makes it easier for moisture to be transported through the fiber. This gives the duvet fantastic breathability and ensures a dry and comfortable sleeping environment throughout the night. As house dust mites and mold do not thrive in these environments, silk duvets are often recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Silk duvets are a thinner duvet, as the silk fibers are incredibly thin and are very dense in the patterning. Many therefore mistakenly believe that a silk duvet can only be used as a summer duvet. However, a silk duvet can be used all year round, due to the fiber's hollow fiber structure. The hollow structure means that the silk fiber responds quickly to changing temperatures in the sleeping environment, and creates a thermoregulating effect around the body. This means that regardless of whether you tend to freeze or feel too hot, a silk duvet will always adapt to the body's needs.