Wool duvet 200×200 (medium)

545.00 €

Spoil yourself with an exclusive merino wool duvet in the most luxurious organic materials. With its fantastic breathability and temperature-regulating properties, the wool duvet will ensure you a comfortable, dry and temperate sleep. Due to our unique wool carding, the wool duvet feels incredibly soft, light and fluffy, and doesn't resemble any other wool duvet on the market. Our wool duvet is filled with 100% untreated merino wool and with a fabric of certified organic cotton.

Choose between three variants; light, medium and heavy.

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A good night's sleep is essential for our health, most people know that. We therefore think it is important that you give yourself the best conditions for achieving a pleasant and uninterrupted night's sleep. A Cocoon wool duvet is a cool, breathable and temperature-regulating all-season duvet that can help create the right conditions for exactly this. The lightness of the merino wool means that the duvet regulates the heat around the body and transports the excess moisture and heat away from the body, so that you will experience a temperate and comfortable sleep.

Our wool duvet is filled with 100% untreated merino wool and covered with a fabric of certified organic cotton.
What makes our Cocoon merino wool duvet special:

  • Temperature-regulating & moisture wicking
  • 100% organic and chemical-free materials
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & resistant to house dust mites
  • Unique wool carding

Which thickness should I choose?

A good rule of thumb is:

  • If you are often feel too hot at night and suffer from sweating during the night, even if you sleep cool, then the light version is a very good choice for you. If you really suffer a lot from the heat, to the point where even summer duvets can feel too warm, then try looking at our wool summer duvet, which is even thinner than the light wool duvet. If there is a duvet that can help with the heat - this is it.
  • If you often feel hot and find yourself having to throw your normal duvet aside to cool off, or if you experience both hot and cold nights, then the medium (standard) version is a good choice for you.
  • If you often feel cold, and you are a bit of a 'frozen stick', then the heavy version is a really good choice.

What you have to be aware of with wool, which is very different from other kinds of duvets, is that the temperature range a wool duvet can handle is much wider than with an ordinary duvet. With feather and down duvets you will often see that there are many thicknesses, for different room temperatures and seasons; whereas a Cocoon wool duvet will be able to cover several seasons and far greater fluctuations in room temperatures. This is due to the wool duvet's incredible breathability and unique temperature-regulating properties. A person who often feels hot and a person who often feels cold will therefore easily be able to sleep under the same duvet, as the duvet will cool one while warming the other.

If you are in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us and have a chat about your needs, and which wool duvet we think will suit you and your preferences best.

Why choose a wool duvet?

Most people can nod in recognition to the experience of a feather or down duvet getting really warm during the night. You get so hot that you have to lift the duvet a bit during the night, just to cool down a bit. This is because feathers and downs are both incredibly good at insulating. The good insulating ability gives a really nice feeling during the cold months, when we want to retain the heat as much as possible. It's really nice, right up until the point where you've warmed the duvet and mattress up to body temperature. After this, the body needs to be able to get rid of the excess heat and moisture from the body. Unfortunately, this is where feathers and downs often fall short.

Many are of the opinion that wool is also just a warm fiber that only belongs in winter time. The truth is, however, that wool possesses unrivaled properties in terms of regulating temperature and humidity, and is therefore suitable for both cold and warm weather. The wool uses your body temperature to generate heat, and when it gets too hot, the wool absorbs the moisture around the body and cools the body down. The secret behind the wool fiber's incredible breathability is the lanolin-containing surface, which enables the fiber to absorb large amounts of moisture. Merino wool can absorb 35% of its own weight in water and moisture without feeling wet and still keep your body dry and warm. It is also the content of lanolin in merino wool that ensures that your duvet does not smell of sweat, and creates an antibacterial environment that house dust mites cannot live in. However, it is only in untreated wool that the lanolin is still retained, and therefore there will be a big difference between a duvet with untreated wool and a normal wool duvet.

Merino wool is distinguished by having slightly twisted fibres, which make the wool perfect for being carded into a rich soft 'cloud' of wool fibres. This makes the sleeping products delightfully soft and pliable, which will undoubtedly benefit any sleep. To ensure as breathable and temperature-regulating a sleeping product as possible, we only use merino wool fibers that are over 8 cm. The longer fibers will create an airier and lighter filling. This means that the duvet will feel light, breathable and incredibly neutral in its temperature.

From the Spanish mountains and home to you

The Merino sheep is the world's most numerous breed of sheep and originates originally from Spain, but today is widespread all over the world. For our Cocoon merino wool products, only wool from merino sheep that has their daily walk in the mountains is used. These produce a longer wool due to the colder air in the mountains. When we select our merino wool, it is crucial that the welfare of the animals is a focal point in the production. We therefore have a strict policy, that we only use wool from sheep that are free range, are shorn in a fair and proper way and are not subjected to mulesing. Therefore, we only use Spanish merino wool, where no mulesing is used.

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The Cocoon wool duvet is a cool, breathable and temperature-regulating all-season duvet that can create the right setting for a comfortable and uninterrupted night's sleep.

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