Kapok mattress pad for carrycot

28.00 €

Kapok mattress protector for carrycot is made by 100% natural materials nothing added! The mattress protector is filled with 100% natural kapok and has a 100% organic cotton cover. A perfect match together with a kapok mattress for protection and increased comfort for the child.

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Create a healthy and safe sleeping environment with kapok

A kapok mattress pad for carrycot is a perfect supplement to any carrycot mattress. The mattress pad increases the comfort for the child and protects the mattress. If an accident occurs, it is possible to wash your mattress pad. See our washing instruction for kapok.

Our kapok products are very popular due to kapoks amazing temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. Complete your childs comfortable kapok sleeping environment with a comforter and pillow.

Vegan & Organic

Kapok is a nature fiber, that is gatheret from kapok trees growing in the tropical rainforests. Our kapok products are filled with 100% natural kapok with a cover of 100% certified organic cotton.

Temperature-regulating & moisture-wicking

Due to kapoks amazing breathability you will experience a fantastic heat regulated and dry sleep.


Kapok contains a natural bitter substance that makes kapok resistance to bacteria and house dust mites. Also, the cover is woven so tightly that house dust mites cannot penetrate.

Get a delightful sleep with a kapok mattress pad!

A kapok mattress pad is a wonderful supplement to any mattress no matter if it is a foam, latex or kapok mattress. Kapok is popular and famous for its amazing temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. If you have problems with hot nights, you may consider not only to changing your duvet but also to add a mattress protector  to your bed. Foam and latex are not particular breathable or good at regulating temperature. Thus, it is difficult for the body to get rid of excess heat and moisture. When you sleep on a kapok mattress pad you will experience that the pad feels body neutral and breathable.

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