Wool mattress topper 90x200

699.00 €

Incredibly luxurious wool mattress topper 90x200 cm in 100% organic, chemical-free and allergy-friendly materials. The organic merino wool gives the top mattress its incredible heat and moisture regulating properties, which ensure you the best environment for a cool and undisturbed sleep. The wool's temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties regulate the excess heat and moisture away from the body, so that you achieve a cool and comfortable night's sleep. The wool mattress topper measures 8 cm in thickness.

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Create a healthy, organic and allergy-friendly sleeping environment

A wool mattress topper 90x200 is a fantastic alternative to a regular foam mattress topper if you want a temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and allergy-friendly mattress topper. A top mattress with 100% organic merino wool is a fantastisc addition to any mattress, whether you sleep on a kapok mattress or a foam mattress.


Organic merino wool contains lanolin, which makes the fiber resistant to bacteria and house dust mites.


Our wool mattress toppers are filled with a thick layer of organic and untreated merino wool, with a spring of 100% certified organic cotton.


Due to the fiber's incredible breathability, you will experience how the mattress topper regulates temperature and humidity during your sleep, creating a dry and cool sleeping environment.

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