Kapok junior pillow 40x60

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Our kapok junior pillow is filled with 100% organic and untreated kapok covered with a fabric of 100% certified organic cotton. A Cocoon kapok junior pillow is 100% chemical-free, vegan and hypoallergenic. 100% free of harmful chemicals, both through the cultivation of the raw materials and through the production.
The natural choice for a perfect night's sleep. The kapok junior pillow has a zipper in the side, which makes it possible to adjust the filling according to the child's preferences.

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A Cocoon kapok junior pillow 40x60 is a gentle pillow made from vegan, organic, natural and hypoallergenic materials. Our kapok junior pillow is filled with 100% organic and untreated kapok covered with 100% organic cotton fabric. No pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fibers are used in the processing or production of your Cocoon kapok junior pillow.

100% vegan & organic
Cocoon's kapok products are 100% free of harmful chemicals. The products are filled with 100% untreated kapok fiber with a spring of 100% organically certified cotton.

Breathable & temperature regulating
The kapok fiber contains 80% air, which helps to make the natural fiber incredibly breathable and heat-regulating.

Antibacterial & Allergy-friendly
Kapok contains a natural bitter substance, which makes the fiber resistant to bacteria and house dust mites.

Why choose a junior pillow with kapok?

Kapok is an organic fiber harvested from the kapok tree, which grows wild in some of the world's densest tropical forests. The lightness of the kapok fiber makes the kapok pillow incredibly good at regulating temperature. The fiber does not absorb sweat from the body, so you would get a damp pillow. Instead, the kapok fiber transports the moisture through the pillow and away from the body. You will therefore find that a kapok junior pillow remains dry and nice throughout the night.

Since the kapok fiber does not absorb moisture from the body, house dust mites cannot live in the pillow. House dust mites need a moist environment to live. A kapok pillow is therefore a good pillow for people who suffer from house dust mite allergy. Since house dust mites can cause allergies in children, a kapok pillow can be a great choice as a first pillow for the child. The kapok fiber also contains a bitter substance that makes the duvet resistant to other mites.

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A Cocoon kapok junior pillow is made exclusively from vegan, organic and hypoallergenic materials.

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