Kapok pillow 40x80

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Does your pillow feel hot and sweaty? Then maybe a Cocoon kapok pillow is what you are looking for. A kapok pillow is suitable for everyone, but especially for those who tend to sweat or feel too hot at night. The kapok pillow is exceptional at regulating temperature and humidity around the body. You will therefore experience that the pillow feels cool and dry through the night. 
The Kapok pillow has a zipper in the side, which makes it possible to adjust the filling according to your preferences.

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A good night's sleep is essential for our health, most people know that. We therefore think it is important that you give yourself the best conditions to achieve a pleasant and uninterrupted night's sleep. A kapok pillow will be perfect for you who want a cool, breathable and temperature-regulating pillow. Our kapok pillow is filled with 100% untreated and organic kapok and covered with a spring of certified organic cotton. No chemicals or synthetic materials are used during either the cultivation or the production of our kapok pillow. What makes our Cocoon kapok pillow special:

  • Heat-regulating & moisture-transporting
  • 100% organic and chemical-free materials
  • Naturally hypoallergenic & resistant to house dust mites
  • Vegan alternative

Why choose a kapok pillow?

Most people can recognize the experience of a feather or down pillow getting really hot during the night. The pillow gets so hot that you have to turn the pillow multiple times during the night, just to find a cold spot. This is because feathers and down are both incredibly good at insulating. The good insulating ability gives a really nice feeling during the cold months, when we want to retain the heat as much as possible. It's really nice, right up until the point where you've warmed the pillow and duvet up to body temperature. After this, the body needs to be able to get rid of the excess heat and moisture coming from the body. Unfortunately, this is where feathers and down often fall short. A kapok pillow is great at regulating the temeprature due to the lightness and structure of the kapok fiber, which allows heat and moisture to be transported away from the body. A kapok pillow is therefore particularly suitable for those who tend to feel too hot at night.

Kapok is a natural fiber that grows on the kapok tree Cebia pentranda in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America, India and in the western part of Africa. You can partially compare kapok with cotton, but kapok differs by being much lighter and fluffier than cotton. The kapok fiber contains 80% air and is 8 times lighter than cotton, making it the lightest natural fiber in the world. The high air content in the kapok fiber is what makes it incredibly breathable and good at regulating heat and moisture.

When you sleep with a kapok pillow, you will therefore find that the pillow adapts to your body temperature. A kapok pillow is therefore one of the best things to sleep with if you have problems with sweating or simply find an ordinary down pillow too warm. A kapok pillow also differs by being water-resistant. The kapok fiber contains a natural layer of wax around each individual silky fiber. This means that the kapok pillow will not absorb the moisture and sweat that the body emits during the night. Instead, the moisture is transported away from the body through the fiber's many airy cavities. You will therefore find that a kapok pillow stays nice and dry throughout the night.

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A Cocoon kapok pillow is made exclusively from vegan, organic and hypoallergenic materials.

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