Amazing Maize baby pillow 40×45

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The Amazing Maize baby pillow is a vegan and sustainable alternative to a traditional down baby pillow. Our maize fiber is made from 100% recyclable resources and is also 100% naturally degradable. A pillow with our Maize fiber is wonderfully soft, breathable and easy to wash, thus providing good comfort for your child. A baby pillow is often used from the age of one, and is a good transition to the junior pillow. 

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Our Amazing Maize baby pillow is made from our revolutionary maize fibre, which is both hypoallergenic and vegan. Our corn fiber is made from 100% recyclable resources and is also 100% naturally degradable. No synthetic fibers or chemicals are added during the production of our corn pillow. Our baby pillow is covered with our 100% organic certified cotton, which is so densely woven that house dust mites cannot penetrate. You can therefore cuddle your nugget with our Amazing Maize baby pillow without fear of allergic reactions and with a clear conscience, because you have not only done something good for your baby, but also for our nature.

Naturally degradable
Our corn fiber is made from 100% recyclable resources and is also 100% naturally degradable.

Vegan & organic
Our revolutionary product range Amazing Maize with fiber duvets and pillows is filled with vegan maize fiber and covered with a spring of certified organic cotton.

Heat regulating
The corn fiber is breathable, as we know it from kapok and merino wool. Therefore, your corn quilt and pillow will ensure you a pleasant temperate night's sleep!


In accordance with the Danish Health Authority, we recommend that you give your baby a pillow at the age of one at the earliest.


The corn fiber has a long and hollow fiber structure, similar to a wool fiber, which gives the corn fiber its unique temperature-regulating properties. The corn fiber is also water-repellent and ensures that the excess heat and moisture is channeled through the pillow instead of absorbing it. The pillow will therefore remain dry and comfortable throughout the night.

Our corn fiber is the first man-made fiber made from a 100% renewable resource. The corn fiber is made from lactic acid, which is extracted from the plant sugar in the starch of the corn plant during its fermentation process. Therefore, the corn fiber only contains naturally degradable and recyclable raw materials, which can either be reused or broken down into organic material. The corn fiber is our green answer to today's synthetic and oil-based plastic fibers, which cannot be broken down naturally and which are also not recycled enough, and are thereby a burden on the planet. The production of the corn fiber requires almost 70% less fossil fuels during production than with ordinary synthetic fibers, and is therefore described as the first greenhouse-neutral fiber ever created.

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