Wool baby pillow 40x45

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Spoil your child with a luxurious merino wool baby pillow. With its fantastic breathability and temperature-regulating properties, the wool pillow ensures that the child gets a comfortable, dry and temperate sleep. Due to our unique wool carding, the wool baby pillow is incredibly soft and fluffy. Our wool baby pillow is filled with 100% untreated merino wool and covered with a fabric of certified organic cotton. A flat baby pillow is a good transition for the child before a junior pillow.

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100% untreated merino wool
100% organic GOTS certified cotton
Washing & Maintenance

Merino wool is a fantastic fiber that contains unique properties that is worth taking care of. Merino wool has a natural substance of lanolin which makes wool self-cleaning and antibacterial. That is also why wool never smells and therefor it very rarely that you need to clean your merino wool product.

To best maintain your wool product, we recommend

  • That you air your wool product regularly in fresh air to keep its structure and volume
  • That you only stain wash if possible
  • That you only dry clean if you wish a more thorough cleaning of your product
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