Kapok mattress topper 90x200

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Kapok mattress topper 90x200 made from 100% organic, vegan and hypoallergenic materials. The mattress topper is a perfect supplement to any mattress, due to the kapok fiber's amazing temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. The kapok fiber guarantees you a 100% chemical-free and hypoallergenic mattress, so you can get the best conditions for a natural and unadulterated sleep. The mattress topper measures 5-6 cm in height.
NOTE: The product is delivered undersized (which means that the product is slightly shorter than the length measurement stated above). The product will stretch slightly after use, after which the product will reach its normal length measurement.

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Made by 100% organic, vegan and hypoallergenic materials

A kapok mattress topper 90x200 is a good supplement to any mattress. The mattress topper is handmade with love by 100% organic, vegan and hypoallergenic materials. It is filled with 100% natural kapok and has a soft cotton cover that is 100% organic certified. Our kapok products are very popular due to kapoks temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. Thus, especially a good choice for those who have problems with hot nights. Complete your organic and healthy sleeping environment with an organic comforter and pillow.

Vegan & Organic

Kapok is a nature fiber, that is gatheret from kapok trees growing in the tropical rainforests. Our kapok products are filled with 100% natural kapok with a cover of 100% certified organic cotton.

Temperature-regulating & moisture-wicking

Due to kapoks amazing breathability you will experience a fantastic heat regulated and dry sleep.


Kapok contains a natural bitter substance that makes kapok resistance to bacteria and house dust mites. Also, the cover is woven so tightly that house dust mites cannot penetrate.

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